Self-Involved Mothering

Women never stop. Honestly, never. Mothers, when do we get five minutes to ourselves? We’re lucky if we get the odd day with friends, or lie in or a night out with hubby. These seemingly simple things have become luxuries. And even when we are out all we think about is our children! Motherhood is completely all consuming and non-parents simply DO NOT UNDERSTAND.

You know what really pisses me off? The lack of understanding and bloody cheek of people without children. Being told off by old friends for not speaking to them in weeks. Uh hello, we have a baby. Yes it’s not all we do, but its 99% of the time. They fill our heads and days completely and in the early weeks you’re lucky to remember your own name, let alone when Susan’s Birthday Party is. Its not something we choose to be, but all parents, mums especially, become extremely self-involved when they give birth. Its our natural instinct to focus life around our offspring.

Luckily we have parent friends to rely on to cut us some slack. They understand that when you say you’ll be there at 7pm, they should add at least an hour on to that time. And sometimes all you need is a day in, or a night out or someone to look after the baby when you’re ill. Sometimes you need to rant about your mother, husband, father-in-law, whoever. Or spend 15 minutes explaining the new noise your baby makes, how many times they pooed yesterday or simply boasting about what a clever angel they are.

We must all surround ourselves with other mothers and fathers because they are such an underrated asset. If Darcy does something out of the ordinary, I ask my yummy mummies their advice. They are always there to lend a helping hand when you need it.

And although you may lose touch with your old friends, just console yourself with the fact that when they have children, they’ll be ripping their fucking hair out too  they’ll understand. 


(Please note: This photo was taken before I was a mum, or pregnant as you can see I am wearing make-up, enjoying a guilt-free Sobranie and have straightened my not-sicky hair) 


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