The Story of Us

You may or may not know I recently got married. My baby daddy and I tied the knot in a private ceremony with only our parents present and then were lucky enough to do it all again a week later for a ‘real wedding’. Both days were beautiful and although married life is really no different, I’m proud to be my husband’s wife.

So here is the Story of Us. So far…

We met in 2010 when I started work at the garden centre a few miles from where I lived. For those that aren’t so good at maths, I was 15 at the time. I was a ‘Saturday girl’ working on the tills and Joe worked in the office upstairs. He was an allusive man to me. Very reserved, tall, as thin as a rake and had an air of mystery about him that enticed me. He was five years older and with an age gap like that he seemed very out of reach. So time went by. We exchanged the odd lingering glance and he spoke only a few words to me but there was an ember of something more between us.

I was a little more than 16 when we started speaking properly. I was older than my years, more confident than I should be. We exchanged the odd text, met up a few times but my husband-to-be was a gentleman and to him I was to him a delicate flower.

So like most 16 year olds I got bored quickly. Another boy caught my eye, he was only a year older and he wanted me. We were together almost a year and through that time my affection for him faded quickly and I found myself drifting towards my former love.

By the time I was 17 we had found each other again. I’d lived, loved and lost. I was older. I was ready. I was not about to back down. We used to go out in his car, park up in a lay-by and do what you do in lay-bys in the dark. We were a modern love story, all right.

I told him I loved him. He told me he didn’t. I’d hurt him, time had gone by and he didn’t feel the same. I cried silent tears but it didn’t end there. He’d lied. He felt what I felt and was only scared of being hurt all over again by an impatient little girl who didn’t know what she wanted.

March came and we were finally together. It was even Facebook Official. (If you don’t know what that means, ask your kids). He was mine and I was his and it was perfect. We knew everything about each other, the year that we’d missed we’d made up for. We did everything together, we were inseparable. We moved in together in our own place after 5 months. We even got a couple of cats, chickens and a rabbit, we were both domesticated. We had a joint bank account and eventually a joint mortgage on our new place.

We were engaged on May 1st 2014 on holiday in Sri Lanka. At 1 o’clock in the morning,  he got down on one knee beside the bed and asked me to marry him. I said yes and we celebrated.

Our love grew from strength to strength. We have seen each other through the good and the bad times. Love changes when you have a child. It can make or break the relationship. But ours only got stronger. Something changes in both of you and men become more grateful, as women become more appreciate. Nothing can ever prepare you for seeing your man with your baby. I often say that it feels like my heart hurts, that I am so overwhelmed with love that my emotions simply cannot keep up.

Our baby arrived and life was perfect. There was only one thing missing. His last name. So we were married on the last Saturday in July 2016.

There is too many words to say about my husband. He is kind, caring, generous and everything I’ve ever wanted. He is my dream man, my best friend and my soulmate.

Joseph, I love you. 



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